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About Angelina

After many years, working in beauty Centres, Spas  & Hammams. I decided to do it by myself.

I started my first education 1986 in Germany, as I grew up there and it´s like my second home.

Discovering the power and the beauty of rituals and learning all the different cultures, traditions in beauty and manual therapies from around the world, the flowers, fruits, etc…

The beauty of it and the magic of all the power of creation, made by god as a Believer and practicant, made me see how wonderful planet we have and all what´s in it to let us feel like heaven on earth, with candles, aromas, techniques, music, etc….

I launched my dream in 2006,  motivated and innovative entrepreneur aiming to successfully deliver high quality services to an increasing number of clients. This came out of extensive research into the region’s growth and the residence needs. Where it became clear there was a gap between what was in the market and what needs to be in.
Angelina Beautytian&ManualTherapist, exclusive for those that want to take a journy into  a world of candles, aromes, beauty, massage techniques, music etc….with a very competitive price, came to serve the growing need of Costa del Sol residents and tourists alike who seek a 5 star service in luxurious placesn. Since then we are rapidly growing to follow our clients’ needs and try to provide all the latest products and services related to our industry,


Insuring continued top quality service, healthy community to Angelina’s growing clientele from Costa del Sol’s residents and tourists by assembling a bright & ambitious service, having all in our Rituals, treatments in YourSpaRituals


Our Rituals & therapies are oriented for the recovery and well-being of our body and mind. It is a holistic technique that integrates various ancient and modern sciences.
The key is to recover the union between body and soul by treating muscular, articular and physiological problems, but also by treating our energetic bodies.